27/01/2021 – Ver. 83 – New module for the seismic risk classification of the buildings, the Soltech connections were added and the Essepi CLT panels were updated

In the latest version of the software we added these new features:

  • Seismic risk classification module: thanks to the additional module “Seismic risk classification of the constructions” now you can modify the magnitude of the seismic action used in the analysis by defining the percentage of modification of the maximum horizontal acceleration of the soil ag. It is also possible to automatically calculate the capacity Peak Ground Acceleration PGAc of the building and print the seismic risk classification certificate. The calculation method used is the conventional method of Annex A of the Italian Ministerial Decree n° 58 of 28 February 2017 and subsequent amendments “Guidelines for the classification of the seismic risk of buildings”.
  • Essepi CLT panels updated: we updated the stratigraphy of the Essepi CLT panels and the material properties in accordance with the new ETA
  • Soltech connections added: the range of Soltech connections and anchors is now available, including hold-downs, angle brackets, punched metal plates, screws, nails and staples.
  • Bug fixing and small improvements