TimberTech Buildings consists of a main module and some add-on modules, which can be purchased separately, including the module for the fire design of timber elements and the module for the automatic printing of the bill of quantities.

The main characteristics of the additional module for the automatic printing of the Bill of Quantities are reported below.

Add-on module BILL OF QUANTITIES Features

With TimberTech – BoQ add-on module you can print very quickly the quantities of the materials and of the construction products used in the project. The generated sheet is ready for the insertion of unit prices in order to allow the user a quick estimate of the cost of the structures. Specifically, the software produces two versions of the calculation:

  • a simplified version, in which you can find the quantities of the main elements of the construction including beams, columns, floors and walls. The flat structural elements are quantified in square meters, the linear timber elements in cubic meters and the linear steel ones in kilograms;
  • a detailed version, in which the structural elements are broken down into their sub-elements and the respective quantities are printed with a very high degree of detail. In this version of the BoQ the following elements and components of the structures are automatically recognized and grouped by type:
    • – joist and solid wood floors, whose quantities are reported in terms of volume
    • – CLT elements for which you can find the description of the stratigraphy of the panel, the name of the producer, the connections as well as the boards used in the joints among the panels
    • – framed walls for which the area of the cladding panels, the volume of the frame elements and the number of connectors are shown
    • – the fasteners both for the internal joints of the walls and for the external connections: smooth nails, threaded nails, nails for plates, screws with partially threaded and fully threaded shank, screws for plates, staples, …
    • – connections of the timber walls broken down into their sub-components: angle brackets, punched plates, connectors, chemical and mechanical anchors for concrete, threaded bars, bolts, washers, etc.

For each component, in addition to the quantities, in order to facilitate recognition and identification, the name of the manufacturer, the product code, the reference standard or the ETA number are reported. The BoQ is exported in Microsoft Excel format which makes it easily customizable by the user.


Examples of Bill of Quantities printed automatically.

Detailed bill of quantities – framed walls building

Detailed bill of quantities – CLT building

Bill of quantities – framed walls building

Bill of quantities summary – framed walls building