TimberTech Buildings consists of a main module and some add-on modules, which can be purchased separately, including the modulefor the fire design of timber structural members and the module for the automatic printing of the bill of quantities.

The main characteristics of the additional module for the design of the structural timber elements in fire conditions are reported below.

Add-on module Fire DESIGN Features

TimberTech Buildings add-on module Fire Design allows the user to easily perform the resistance checks in fire conditions of the unprotected structural timber elements.
The development of a module update is already in progress to include fire protection layers in the analysis and verification process.

The user can quickly define and assign a specific “fire definition” to each structural element according to its typology. The definition includes:

  • the required fire resistance class R in terms of minutes of exposure to the normalised fire;
  • the definition of the number and the position of the cross-section sides exposed to fire.

Fire Definition


The software automatically determines the effective charring depth and the ensuing reduced cross-section according to EN 1995-1-2.
The user can easily monitor the reduced cross-section dimensions, depending on the assigned Fire definition, through the Fire details window available in the Property inspector.



The software automatically generates the loads combinations in fire conditions and performs the relevant resistance checks of the structural timber members.
The calculation routines take into account the specific coefficients suited to the analysis in accidental conditions according to the reference standard.


At the end of the analysis process, the software can export a calculation report in Word format including all the details of the performed checks in fire conditions.