27/09/2018 – Ver. 69 – Extend, Split and Copy properties functions, model autosaving and versioning, save analysis, new print options, improved database management, new definition of deformation limits, update of XLAM database

In the latest version of the software we have added the following new features:

  • Extend and split functions: it is now possible to extend and split the structural elements in a simple and intuitive way. This allows you to model even more quickly those structures that show complex geometries.
  • Copy properties function: it is now possible to copy all the properties of an element and assign them to one or many elements of the same type.
  • Model autosaving: the software is now able to save automatically the model at regular intervals and it makes available a backup file.
  • Model versioning: it is now possible to save and manage several versions of the model within the same file.
  • Save analysis: it is now possible to save the results of the analysis in a milestone and display them without running the analysis each time.
  • Print options: it is now possible to choose for each element in the model whether it has to be printed in the report or not.
  • Improved database management
  • New definition of deformation limits
  • Update of XLAM database
  • Bug fixing and small improvements