13/09/2017 – Ver. 62 – Borga Italia fasteners, linear loads on floor and beams, improvements to archives management, wind calculation and validation speed

In the latest version of the software we have added the following new features:

  • Borga Italia fasteners added: the user can now select the fasteners from a larger database. The connections produced by Borga Italia which were added to the internal database are: smooth nails, threaded nails, nails for plates, staples, screws, fully threaded screws and screws for plates
  • Added command to draw load lines on the floors: the user can now apply linear loads to the floors by means of load lines
  • Added the command to define linear loads on beams: it is now possible to define and apply linear loads to beams and to modify the self-weight of the beams themselves
  • Further improvement in validation speed
  • Improvement of wind load calculation and values visualization
  • Bug fixing and small improvements