23/05/2017 – Ver. 61 – SLO seismic checks, user custom defined response spectra, inter-story drift limit editable by user, exclusion of deflection checks in cantilever beams with negative displacements, improved graphical interface and Greece NA

In the latest version of the software we have added the following new features:

  • Added the Operability Limit State (SLO) seismic checks: added the possibility of checking structural elements in terms of containment of damage to non-structural elements also for constructions belonging to Class III and IV (in accordance with Italian seismic code)
  • Added the possibility to load spectra from file: you can now load from file the values for defining the response spectra. This feature is very useful when the user performs seismic analysis with the following ground types: S1 and S2. The same function is useful for performing analysis in which seismic action (response spectra) is defined differently from the way the software generates it automatically (Italian Standards and Eurocode).
  • Added the possibility of modifying the inter-story drift limits: now you can manually modify the limiting values of the inter-story drift (dr) for checks carried out in accordance with the Italian Standards (SLD and SLO) and Eurocode (SLD)
  • Added the possibility of excluding the deformation checks for cantilever beams and overhangs in case of negative displacements: Now you can choose not to check overhangs for displacements when the deformation is negative (upwards)
  • Improvement of seismic definition windows: You can now separately view the response spectra generated automatically by the software for the Ultimate State Limits and for the Serviceability Limit State
  • Improvement of the interface for defining connections with punched metal plates
  • Improved graphics interface speed in managing very complex or large-scale models: we improved the graphic management of the 3D model increasing the speed.
  • Updated internal archives for XLAM panels: added new stratigraphes for Binderholz BBS panels, added the XLAM panels of Area Legno di D.D.L. and Calet-TLF
  • Added the National Annex to Eurocodes for Greece
  • Bug fixing and small improvements