22/09/2020 – Ver. 81 – New Borga Italia and Simpson Strong-Tie connections, automatic calculation of loads in San Marino, Pfeifer CLT panels added, updating of Stora Enso CLT panels, improvement of the vibration checks of the floors, addition of the national annexes of Romania and added the possibility to insert loads and frame thicknesses lower than in previous versions

In the latest version of the software we added new features:

  • We added the possibility to define the geographical position within the Republic of San Marino. If the user geolocates the building within the territory of the Republic of San Marino, the software automatically calculates the actions acting on the building: wind, snow and seismic action.
  • We added new connections to the archives: Borga Italia and Simpson Strong-Tie. Specifically, the new connections by Borga Italia and some new connections by Simpson Strong-Tie have been added.
  • We added Pfeifer CLT panels to software archives
  • We updated the CLT archives with the new Stora Enso data
  • Improvement of the vibration checks of the floors: we added the possibility to take into account the transverse bending stiffness of the floor also for the calculation of its fundamental frequency f1. In the previous version, the transverse load-carrying effect was considered only in the calculation of the effective width.
  • We added the Romanian standard. The National Annexes of Romania have been added
  • Changes to the input data – values of the acting loads: it is now possible to use values of loads lower than the default ones proposed by the Eurocodes to better adapt to local standards
  • Changes to the input data – width of framed wall elements: it is now possible to use studs and frame elements with a width of less than 40 mm to better adapt to customer needs
  • Bug fixing and small improvements